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    A Graphical Depiction Showing the Transitioning from "Law" to "Grace"

    Old Covenant-to-New Covenant Flow

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    An Internet Version of Transitioning from Law-to-Grace

    Internet-based Version

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    Presenter's Notes for Law-to-Grace Diagram

    Presenter's Notes

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    Trifold Brochure Outlining the Church Care Ministry Tracking Application

    Church Care Ministry Trifold Brochure

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    From the Start of the Hebrew Nation to the Church Period of Today

    God's Overall Divine Plan

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    From the Levitical Priest Rule to the Return to Jerusalem from Babylon

    The Old Testament Period

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    From Rule of Persian Empire to Birth of Jesus During Roman Rule

    The Intertestamental Period

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    From the Birth of John the Baptist to the Death of the Apostle John

    The New Testament Period

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    From Jewish and Christian Early History to the Church Period of Today

    The On-Going Church Period


With the Goals to...

listCheck  Help you grow in the knowledge and understanding of The Finished Work/Grace Gospel

listCheck  Provide you with uniquely designed teaching tools to better equip leaders/teachers

listCheck  Encourage a desire in you to go deeper in the understanding of the Word of God

listCheck  Unveil a High-Tech Approach to Tracking and Managing Church Care Incidents


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This category of Media includes a set of unique resources specific to the initial-and original-Grace Gospel preached by the Apostle Paul to those in the early churches. That message was one of salvation for the unbeliever, total forgiveness of sins, and the gift of righteousness--to all who, by faith, trust and believe in the death of Jesus on the Cross, i.e., His Finished Work. And who also believe in His Resurrection from the tomb, a resurrection which gives each believer a new heart, a new identity, and a New Covenant relationship with God. This Finished Work begs the following, as examples:
- How did the Israelites receive forgiveness of sins?
- What was the main point of the Old Covenant?
- When did the New Covenant begin?
- What was the main point of the New Covenant?
- Are all our sins forgiven--past, present and future--as Jesus said?

Click here to review the various types of graphical media--now accessible--regarding the Grace Gospel and His Finished Work.


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Through His written Word God has presented us His Divine Plan of Redemption, available to all mankind. This Plan has been revealed throughout the Scriptures--book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, story-by-story, and person-by-person. From "In the beginning..." to "Surely I am coming quickly." In actuality, the Bible is one continuous documentary of the struggles and triumphs of His people and the revelation of His promises through His Son, Jesus. Through the resources provided within this category of Media, you have the opportunity to access several original and unique media. A place where the serious--and curious--Sunday School/Small Group leaders and Bible students are invited to obtain details of the timing, scope, and chronology of the Bible. You can review our list of UPDATED contextual, historical timelines covering the Old Testament Period, the Intertestamental Period, and the New Testament Period-- PLUS the LATEST timeline covering the period of 100 A. D. and beyond. Or, click here to review the various types of graphical media regarding the Grace/Finished Work of Jesus on the Cross.




As you review these resources you will have the opportunity to see how you can be taken to a deeper level of understanding resulting in a more intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ--as it has for many others. We are in the process of building this category to provide proven Bible-study techniques and tips to help you understand Scripture verses within the books of the Bible. . As we complete each component we will be updating this category. Also, we will be adding a section on FAQ's and also Beginner and Advanced Bible quizzes. These quizzes will provide answers and your scores. We hope you enjoy the charts, diagrams, slides, and links contained within this site. They are just the beginning of different media libraries we are building.




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CareRESPONDER!™ is a cloud-based application designed to (a) ENHANCE an existing Church Care Inreach approach, or (b) ENABLE the establishment of a new approach. In either case, RESPONDER! will (1) PRODUCE near-instant Care Alert notifications; (2) RETAIN and ORGANIZE all reported Care incidents; (3) PROMOTE Inreach ACCOUNTABILITY and CENTRALIZATION; (4) ALERTS Care responders to action quicker; (5) PROVIDES alerts to Pastors, Staff, and church leaders; (6) MAINTAINS a roster of Care persons by location; and (7) PRODUCES real-time summary graphs; and more. Online access to CareRESPONDER!™ Is secure and available 24/7/365. No download/installation is needed. Moreover, CareRESPONDER!™ Is designed to display properly on all modern display screens: desktops, tablets, and Smartphones, and works with Windows ®, iPAD ®, iPhone ® and Android ® systems.

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