CATEGORY A: Access to, Forgiveness from, and a Restored Relationship with God

"The Old Way (LAW) and the New Way (GRACE)"

Under the Old Covenant, how did the Nation of Israel receive forgiveness for their sins and restore their relationship with God? When did the New Covenant begin and how did this event and timing affect God's forgiveness and restoration to believers? Answers to these and more can be seen in the following covenant-based resources: online website, chart, timeline, and PowerPoint slide show. Each resource visually depicts the flow of events and related activities focusing on the access to God, His forgiveness, and restoring a relationship with Him in both the Old Covenant and New Covenant.

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The online web pages and the PowerPoint ® Slide Show resource present a revealing, detailed description of the steps involved in the Old Covenant regulations and rules, to the New Covenant's reliance on the one-step act (i.e., the Finished Work and Grace) of Jesus on the Cross and His Resurrection. The online version is viewable via a link; the Slide Show is viewable from within Microsoft Office/PowerPoint ® or a downloadable free viewer, for those without Microsoft Office ®.

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 Old v. New Covenant Graphic
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Comprehensive<br>     Old v. New Covenant <BR>     (A Visual Flow)

     Old v. New Covenant 
     (A Visual Flow)
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