CATEGORY B: God's Divine Plan for Mankind

For Jews and Gentiles--Then and Now...

God has presented to us His Divine Plan of Redemption, one that is available to the Jew as well as the Gentile. A Plan that is detailed throughout the Scriptures--book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, story-by-story, and person-by-person. In actuality, the Bible is one continuous documentary of the struggles and triumphs of His people and the revelation of His promises and His plans.

Great for Sunday School/Bible Study/Small Group teachers or Bible students--the serious and the curious.  So, take a tour of the Bible via graphical time-lines and discover (as others have) the precision and depth of the Bible as a roadmap to understanding the Bible more clearly thereby gaining understanding and awareness of God in a more personal way.

Each of the images below presents a specific historical period of

Scripture in a Timeline and time-slice format. Get a chronological perspective of major events along a horizontal Timeline; get a categorical perspective from a vertical time-slice at a particular time period.

The first image below provides a summary or overview perspective of God's Divine Plan. Each of the images beneath it present a more detailed historical Timeline and time-slice of the first image.

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God's Divine Plan (The Overview)

God's Divine Plan 
(The Overview)
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The following charts provide considerable details of the all-encompassing chart:
"God's Divine Plan: The Overview"

OT Timeline

The Deliverance

Old Testament Period
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The Silent 400 Years

Intertestamental Period
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The Revelation Period

New Testament Period
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The On-going Church

Continuation Era
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