A Graphical Journey
“From Unfinished Work to Finished Work”
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Opening Comments…
The graphic you see in the background contains many parts and will, at first
glance, appear overwhelming. However, the gist of the graph is to show the
key attributes and differences between the Old Covenant and the New
Covenant as these relate to forgiveness from God, access to God, and
relationship with God.
When viewed from left to right, the graphic can be broken into two halves
depicting events before the Cross and those after the Cross, respectively. The
main horizontal bar in the middle represents a timeline of several key Biblical
To begin this journey press the arrow-down, page-down, or enter key, or
scroll-down to view content-relevant notes positioned within each page from
left to right, in numeric order. Doing so will expose details within specific
areas of the graphic.
Region A Region D
Region CRegion B
Notes will appear as you progress through the pages. These
notes will highlight the main thoughts within each of the
four quadrants of the graphic:
Region A, the upper left quadrant
Region B, the lower left quadrant
Region C, the lower right quadrant
Region D, the upper right quadrant
Region B produces the results in Region A;
Region C produces the results in Region D.
Note A: The letters, GOD, are placed at the top of all elements of this
graphic, equating His Supremacy over all in this universe.
Region A Region D
Region CRegion B
Region A Region D
Region CRegion B
Note B: Next take note of the three Periods above, namely, Fellowship,
Separation, and Reconciliation. These represent the phases of mankind’s
spiritual and communicating relationship with God over time from the
Garden of Eden forward.